Elder Law Firms and Lawyers have access to the Your Senior Team platform serving the senior market by joining the Elder Law Club


You can get started immediately by entering your email address verifying it with a click that automatically returns you to complete your Firm's sign-up


You are asked to enter the firm's name, address, contact information, associates, partners, and marketing professionals you want under your Firm's account


Upon submitting them, they are sent an email announcement and an invitation to click the link and complete their Elder Law Club membership


They provide their professional profile, contact information, photo, description of their expertise and experience with seniors and their families


Each member receive a password-protected Dashboard to manage their specific content receive notifications, qualified referrals, updates, marketing, sales reports, articles, and other media communications



Your Firm is represented in the platform by each of it's members, and it has oversight for each of their activities, sales, and marketing results being generated for the Firm and by its members



The platform is programmed to connect and access the senior market of consumers, businesses, professionals, and specialists looking for legal services


Members can start building the Firm's account in the supply chain for referrals, reciprocity, goodwill, and community

Charter Membership is Free

The Senior Team Platform

As a member you have access and are part of this network of professionals and specialists serving seniors